Community Services Report


In 2012, almost 50,000 individuals were blessed through LINC Community Services.  Our services to the community are provided to those who qualify regardless of religion, gender or participation in our religious services.  Our goal is always to provide tangible blessings to those in need so that they can be empowered to provide for themselves and their families.  To this end, in 2012 we structured our services according to these 3 areas: relief, empowerment and development.  

  • Relief - help alleviate the suffering of families and individuals caused by homelessness, poverty and hunger
  • Empowerment - provide training and access to programs and resources that will serve as a stepping stone to self-sufficiency
  • Development - work to build up and stabilize communities through housing and creation of economic opportunity

Basic Needs - 36.3 thousand individuals served through programs that include:

  • Food distribution and Food Pantries
  • Clothing and Household Items
  • Access to Vision, Medical and Dental Services
  • Applications for Medicaid, WIC, food assistance, etc.

Empowerment - 13.1 thousand individuals participated in training or were connected to partner programs that help them to better their own lives and futures.  These include:

  • Immigration assistance
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Exercise and health classes
  • Sports programs for youth
  • ESL Classes
  • GED Classes
  • Computer Skills Training

Development - Working in over 25 communities, LINC Houston is partnering with and organizing local resources to build stability and opportunity.

  • Housing and Homeownership - 62 families on the pathway to homeownership
  • Free Tax Preparation Services through NCI for over 2,000 households
  • Job creation through LINC Residential Services
  • Work experience and job readiness skills for over 150 community volunteers
  • Home aquisition and rehabilitation for low to moderate income families