Since we began in 2002, LINC Houston has touched the lives of over 80,000 individuals living in the Greater Houston Area.

The demand for our ministry in the community continues to increase as people find out that we not only provide them with a helping hand, but work to empower them to meet their own needs with God's help. It is the encouraging love of Jesus that LINC shows each and every individual that helps them overcome challenges and difficulties.

LINC Houston works to meet the needs of communities, and to empower them to help themselves.    

Who We Are

LINC Houston is a network of local churches that have joined together in a common mission to impact the city of Houston with the love of Christ.

In May 2001, a group of pastors and lay leaders came together to discuss the great opportunities and challenges our church faces in reaching the urban, multi-cultural and ethnic diversity of our city. Out of this meeting a strategic partnership of local congregations was born, the purpose of which was to be a catalyst for creating new ministries in urban Houston and to support urban ministry in existing congregations. LINC Houston is supported by Houston area congregations and the Texas District-LCMS.

A Board of Directors provides governance and guidance for the ministry. We in the Houston area recognize that we must not only stem the tide of urban congregation closings, but also start new ministries in our most urban areas. Mark Junkans has served as LINC's Executive Director since we began in 2002.

LINC-Houston is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

What We Do 



LINC Houston is a mission organization that sees the need for new and healthy faith communities across the city among our ethnic and urban neighborhoods.  We plant new churches that are self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propogating.

  • Plant and develop new missions across the city among a variety of ethnic groups and communities.
  • Raise up and equip leaders to plant new missions, evangelize new people groups and minister to the needs of new communities.

To learn more about our mission work please click here. 



LINC Community Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of LINC Houston that works for the well-being of the under-resourced communities of Houston.  We work to build up communities and individuals through needs based programs that minister to the whole person and work toward building sustainable communities without destroying the dignity of the individual in need.

Within LINC's help network we have many services available based on funding availability. To learn more about the services LINC helps with please click here. 

LINC's Community Services are funded through individuals, grants and partnerships with local agencies and congregations.