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Clothing Recycling Dropbox Locations

LINC is now accepting donations at a location near you! 

LINC Houston is extremely grateful for all the donations that we receive from patrons and partners throughout the year. In order to receive and process more donations, serve our clients and to raise funds for our ministry at the same time, we have donation dropboxes distributed throughout the city.

So, are you ready to drop off your donations with LINC? 

Use our online map to find a donation dropbox location 

Be on the lookout for our blue and white donation centers.

Want one set-up at your business or church? Contact

Why Clothing Recycling?

Textiles account for over 5% of our municipal waste stream.  Millions of pounds of old clothing ends up in land fills, while much of these clothes can be used by families in need across the world.

Help Our Community - Impact The World

Our Clothing Recycling Boxes allow your patrons to donate their unwanted clothing and shoes.  This is a way for your church, school or place of business to help protect the environment and support local programs that benefit families in need.  We also encourage global entrepreneurship in our partner countries, allowing local families to build businesses that put food on the table and provide employment in their own communities.

How The Program Works

  • You agree to provide us with a 4x4 foot space for our Clothing Recycling Box where we can receive donated clothing and make regular collections.
  • We place one of our Clothing Donation Boxes on your property and collect donated clothing from the boxes on a regular basis, adjusting the pickup schedule based on volume.
  • We maintain the donation boxes and keep the area surrounding the box clear of unwanted items.
  • You receive a tax donation receipt for the value of the donated space.