LINC Bible Institute - Online

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     “Preparing Christian Leaders for Ministry online”

About Us: Our online training seeks to provide foundational ministry preparation giving rising Christian leaders a solid foundation to start new ministries and reach their communities with the Gospel. The advantage of our program is that learners can be equipped anytime, anywhere, at their own pace. LBI hopes to broaden the footprint of the Church by preparing leaders with the tools to impact the hardest-to-reach places in society with their lives and the Gospel. LBI learners come from diverse backgrounds from lay people, pastors of congregations, future ministers and missionaries, and even new believers.

LBI Online's Goals are:
-    Support and strengthen local discipleship efforts. 
-    Make discipleship accessible through online courses.
-    Provide leaders with foundational courses to enable them to reach their communities with the Gospel.
-    Lay the foundation for further theological study at seminary level.

Curriculum: The program integrates a variety of disciplines to include Bible, theology, culture, leadership, missions, history, and world religions. The entirety of the program is between 15-18 courses and you can sign up for them as they become available.

Endorsement/Accreditation: The program is endorsed by LINC Houston, a network of inner-city leaders and churches who have joined together in a common mission to restore the city of Houston with the love of Christ.

Educational Values: 

1.) Affordability: The cost for each course is minimal ranging from  $25 - $75.

2.) Flexibility: We seek to cater to busy, working adults, allowing learners to progress at their own pace.

3.) Quality: We place emphasis on providing exceptional instruction for diverse learning styles. 

Contact: or call 713-481-4861