Churches and leaders throughout the world are being trained to bring the love of God to those who need it.

Churches and leaders throughout the world are being trained to bring the love of God to those who need it.

We believe that to plant churches, develop leaders and impact communities glocally we need to reach the lost, and to train and equip the saved to be glocal servants, glocal missionaries, and glocal disciples.

School of Glocal Mission exists for this very purpose. We see that there are only two kinds of people in the world: the lost and the saved. For the lost, we need to plant the seed of the Gospel. For the saved, we need to provide hands-on training and ministerial tools to equip them on the task of reaching the unreached and making disciples of all nations locally and globally.


The vision for School of Glocal Mission (SGM) is born out of Paul’s missionary journey to Ephesus where he taught and preached for a period of two years in what was known as the School of Tyrannus (Eph. 19:1, 8-10). Ephesus is featured prominently in the New Testament as a base for evangelizing Asia Minor. Many Christians were equipped in this city who then went on to saturate the rest of their communities with the Gospel by planting churches, developing leaders and impacting their communities. Wherever they went, they shared the Gospel and made disciples for the glory of God and the good of all people. This is the exact vision School of Glocal Mission (SGM) wants to replicate.



School of Glocal Mission is planted in cities around the U.S. and around the world. Currently, we have schools in three international cities: Mexico D.F., Mexico; Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras; and Houston, TX; two more are planned by Spring 2013; 20 more are planned glocally by 2025.

We also provide the following training resources:

On-Site Training: We will bring contextual workshops and courses to your congregation and/or community to help equip, engage and extend your glocal-missionary impact

Online Training: Videos, webcasts, book reviews and online curriculum for you and your leaders to use for Church planting, Urban, Glocal & Cross-cultural ministry, Bible study, Discipleship, Leadership Training and/ or Holistic Community Development

Cost: It varies according to the customized package and the ministerial context

If you are interested in establishing a school of glocal missions (leadership farm system) to develop, empower and equip more missional leaders to facilitate missions and ministries in your ministry context, please contact Rev. David Kim at 713-494-3127 or via email at