Campus Ministry at University of Houston.

Campus Ministry at University of Houston.

Students at the University of Houston can find fellowship and support at the UH Campus Ministry Office located at the A.D. Bruce Religion Center, Room 112.

It's a place where students can grow in their faith, and find others who are on a path to be closer to God as well.

LINC Houston helps support the group that meets the needs of students, staff, and faculty. 

UH Campus Ministry also reaches out with the message of the Gospel. The encourage growth through bible study, worship, social activities, and service projects.

They also look for ways that students can develop stronger character and leadership skills. Dr. Johnson Petta is the campus minister and runs the program.

They host different events and bible studies frequently. You can also follow them on Facebook.

If you would like to learn more about the Campus Ministry program at the University of Houston please contact Perla at