Announcing LINC's New Executive Director & CEO!

Houston, TX.  Release: July 1, 2018. For Immediate Release

 pastor VINCE WILL be joining linc staff IN HOUSTON IN AUGUST.

pastor VINCE WILL be joining linc staff IN HOUSTON IN AUGUST.

LINC Houston is proud to be the first local expression of LINC Ministries, International (LMI). LMI provides much needed organizational support to our ministry. The LMI network consists of local organizations in five U.S. cities and three other countries. Together we have deployed an amazing team of church planters, urban missionaries and multi-ethnic leaders who are moving the needle in urban church planting and community development.

In the latest news, the Board of Directors of LINC Ministries, Int’l is pleased to announce that the call to Rev. Vince Parks to serve as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer has been accepted, and that Rev. Parks will begin his tenure July 2, 2018.

Vince follows LINC’s founder, Rev. Mark Junkans, in promoting the vision and mission of LINC in multiple cities across the United States. As Rev. Junkans pursues business as mission opportunities internationally, Rev. Parks will provide vital development and oversight to LINC’s mission of engaging local leaders who start new ministries that impact communities for the Gospel. 

Vince has admired the dynamic ministry of LINC since its inception, and has most recently served as a Board member and chair for 6 years, the past 4 as Board Chair. Vince will join Operations Director and COO Matthew Schultz at our Houston offices and is excited to work with City Directors in that city, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St.Paul, and Milwaukee.    

“We are so blessed to have an amazing man of God and skilled organizational leader join our team.” said Rev. Dominic Rivkin LINC’s outgoing Interim Executive Director, “The City Directors, the staff, and the Board look forward to working with Vince as together we listen for God’s leading to faithfully implement our local mission development strategy among the overlooked and underestimated people of our cities.” 

Rev. Parks shares that, “After 20 years of congregational leadership, I am blessed, humbled, and thrilled to now lead a collaborative team of men and women connecting God given vision, people, and ideas for life transformation.”

Speaking on behalf of the Board, Vice-Chair Donna Thomisee remarks, “Vince’s passion for mission work was evident in the first few minutes of my meeting him when I first joined the Board. Talking with him now about the past successes of LINC and the future he sees for LINC creates a contagious excitement and strong desire for me and many others to be a part of this journey.”

LINC Ministries, Int’l is dedicated to continue work on God’s vision for restoring the city to Christ through engaging, equipping and empowering local leaders. New ministries, churches, and businesses benefit from the successful 16 year track record of LINC organizations. To find out more, please visit us a

You can contact Pastor Vince at  We encourage you to send him a message of welcome and encouragement!

Florida Youth Serves the Houston Community!

The youth mission team from St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Oviedo, Florida has been spreading the love of Jesus Christ throughout the Houston Community with a week of outreach and service. Though the team started the week with a long list of tasks, they were determined to see it finished to the end!

The experience began with a meeting at the LINC office and later exploring the urban beauty of downtown Houston including touring  places of worship from a mosque, a Hindu temple, and a Buddhist template. All three were great learning experiences for the team, and they discovered how great is the gift of God’s grace. Throughout the week, the team stayed at Communidad de  Gracia where they worked with Deaconess Perla Rodriguez and her team. Their primary mission was to help Casa de Oracion with cleanup and assist with VBS in the afternoon. They did everything; from mowing, painting, weed eating, tree trimming, organizing classrooms, cleaning up the playground, and even handing out fliers to help bring more children to VBS! 

Every day they heard an amazing testimony from different individuals from the community that helped the team gain a greater perspective on life and what it means to follow Christ. One of the most interesting things the team was able to experience was a multicultural worship service led by Pastor Nelson from Communidad de Gracia and Mesak Petro from the Kunamas. The service really opened their eyes to how people worship God all over the world, and all the different ways that one can praise God! 

The team has been making a difference at a number of local organizations from Communidad de Gracia, Casa de Oracion, and Community Family Center Food Fair. As LINC intends, the Florida youth worked with members of churches...not to do the work for our LINC churches, but to work in partnership with them. Engage...equip...empower! THANK YOU from LINC Houston for hard-work and kindness from the Youth Mission Team for their service at Casa De Oracion Houston, Communidad de Gracia, and Community Family Center Food Fair. Houston has been touched with God's love through these students and adults from St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Oviedo, FL! 

A Successful Reaching the City Gala!

The overwhelming participation at the “Reaching the City” Gala 2018 is a testimony of the strength of the heart of LINC Houston. We set a record attendance of 248, demonstrating the solidarity of mission and commitment to reaching the LOST with the love of Jesus in the city of Houston. We increased our base of monthly support with 31 new monthly mission supporters sacrificially responding to a heartfelt need to secure the future with sustained giving. For the first time, 10 event sponsors completely covered the expenses of the Gala displaying a spirit of generosity and leadership modeling sacrificial giving. In addition, we added 23 new first-time supporters to LINC Houston. There were 42 gifts for the auction raising a total of $12,070.00. Together, we raised a grand total $137,538.00 to strengthen our mission at LINC Houston.

At the 2018 “Reaching the City” Gala, we set some God-sized goals to reach the city of Houston with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our sincere hope and desire for this year is to engage, equip, and empower 8 new mission leaders, train 500 to share the Gospel in a simple and relational way, and share the Gospel in the city of Houston 3000 times. We believe that these are attainable goals that stretch our resolve and require unrelenting focus to fulfill the Great Commission. However, we know that these goals may only be reached if, TOGETHER, we seek after our heavenly Father’s heart for the lost (Matthew 23:14), and pray for boldness to share the Gospel. Certainly, your financial partnership is a tremendous blessing and will help us accomplish our goals. Let’s agree to pray to the Lord of the harvest, Jesus Christ, to send LABORERS into the harvest field beginning with us (Luke 10:2).


Time for Toys for Joy!

LINC Toys for Joy Logo.jpg

Toys for Joy is a toy collection which blesses our LINC Churches and their communities!

How to participate in Toys for Joy

  1. Let Dorinda know* that you plan to collect toys for LINC Churches. 

  2. Announce the collection on social media and in bulletin/newsletter.

  3. Collect wrapped toys until December 10th. 

  4. Deliver toys* to LINC on December 11th or 12th...1504 Johnson St.,77007

*To arrange toy pick-up, contact Dorinda, or  618-593-1419

Donation Guidelines:

  • Donate toys that are new
  • Price range from $15 to $20. 
  • Wrap toy 
  • Label toy with gender and age range
    • Age groupings include: baby to 1 year, 2-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-10 years, 11-13 years, and 14 years and older (gift cards preferred)
  • Tape a sticky note on the back of the package with info about the toy. 
  • no bows please
  • Pray for the recipient of the toy...that they may know JESUS, the greatest gift! 

Cash, checks, gift cards and online donations accepted and appreciated. 

"May the nations be glad and sing for JOY!!"   Psalm 67:4


Excited to have a gift!! .JPG

Announcement from the Board of Directors

Since 2002 LINC Houston has started over 53 congregations in 15 languages and trained over 1,200 leaders. In recent years, LINC Houston has grown into LINC International, providing leadership to LINC organizations in cities across the United States and around the world.

During this time, we have been blessed by the ministry of Rev. Mark Junkans as Executive Director of LINC Houston and President of LINC International. His leadership has been visionary and impactful. While human history demonstrates that diversity can too often complicate life and contradict holiness, under Mark’s guidance LINC has created many places where by grace, all find belonging and unity.

Mark has recently notified our Board of Directors that he would like to pursue an exciting new opportunity overseas, and will be leaving his role with LINC to do so. The Board has accepted his resignation, with deep thanks for his amazing work over the past fifteen years, and prayers for his new endeavor.

We have already begun the process for selecting new leadership, with Rev. Dominic Rivkin, Executive Director of LINC Los Angeles/VP of New City Development and Matthew Schultz, Chief Operating Officer, in roles of interim executive leadership as the Board navigates this search. Together, we are committed to ensuring the important work of LINC continues with the quality and vision it has had since our inception.

Today our world needs the Gospel more than ever. LINC remains committed to ensuring communities of faith are present in cities across the country, even in times of recovery, restoration and transition. We’ll do our best to keep you informed of our progress via our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Take a look at what's been going on with LINC Houston over the past month.

Our growing ministry depends on the direct financial gifts of individuals like you. We know that our success is largely “because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.” (Phil. 1:5) We are so thankful for your support thus far.

On behalf of the Board I invite you to help ensure the future of LINC and to honor the leadership of Mark Junkans by considering a gift to LINC Houston today. Together we will continue to empower local leaders to start new ministries that impact their communities with the Gospel.

Your Harvey donations continue to bless many! Thank You!

Join us is praising God for the incredible show of support that has come through for victims of Harvey! Here are some examples of what your donations have accomplished.

— One LINC pastor and family lost EVERYTHING in the flood… your donations have been very helpful in providing the basics for them… continue to pray.

 An all-too-common sight in Houston. This is the one of one of our LINC pastors

An all-too-common sight in Houston. This is the one of one of our LINC pastors

— Another LINC Pastor was very grateful for immediate financial help when his home and cars were affected by the flood. 

 Donations to LINC coupled with Casa de Oracion volunteers help repair this pastor's home.

Donations to LINC coupled with Casa de Oracion volunteers help repair this pastor's home.

— Another bi-vocational LINC church planter lost over a weeks work of wages and still his employer still is recovering from flooding… your donations helped pay rent and cover bills during this difficult time

— With your donations we purchased gift cards which our LINC Pastors have been able to disperse to their members who were affected by the flood. 

— Your donations supply shingles and sheet rock to help repair homes affected by the flood.  

 This couple is very grateful to Pastor Flores, church volunteers, and LINC! No more leaks!

This couple is very grateful to Pastor Flores, church volunteers, and LINC! No more leaks!

Requests continue to come to us. Because of your loving support, we are able to help! Please continue to give as the Lord leads.

Because we work through our LINC Pastors, people are not just receiving financial help, but spiritual counseling and support. Jesus is at work repairing and restoring people’s hearts! Please join us in giving thanks to God!

Out of State Neighbors Show Love After Harvey

Thank you to each of these people and churches who have reached out in unique ways to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey

Hot Springs, Arkansas — One lady with a BIG heart wanted to do something to help after Hurricane Harvey. She started “Operation Harvey’s Heroes” and put out a plea via social media for supplies. Hot Springs responded generously and before she new it she was needing to rent the largest truck U-Haul offered to bring all the donations to Houston! In fact she has now made three trips to Houston with supplies of food, toiletries, diapers, pet food, cleaning supplies, baby clothes and more!  

 This team not only brought donations, they helped with clean-up at Pastor Snow's house!

This team not only brought donations, they helped with clean-up at Pastor Snow's house!

Lacombe, Louisiana —  Village Church-Lutheran asked, "What can we do to help in Houston?" They decided to raise funds and also use Thrivent Choice Dollars to help pay for food, which they brought to Houston to cook and prepare for neighborhoods suffering from flood related crisis. They cooked Jambalaya, a Louisiana comfort food, to bring hope and relief to people in need. They have blessed many people including the community surrounding LINC’s mission church Communidad de Gracia. 

 Serving Jambalaya to students and families at an elementary school in partnership with Communidad de Gracia.

Serving Jambalaya to students and families at an elementary school in partnership with Communidad de Gracia.

Palm Springs, California — Our Savior's Church sent hand written words of encouragement on book marks. A simple, but very impactful way to bless others as they recover from the storm!

 Words of encouragement bless many!

Words of encouragement bless many!

Graced with LCMS visitors from St. Louis!

We were happy to host some visitors from St. Louis’ who were interested in seeing the destruction of Hurricane Harvey in order to discover ways to be of assistance.  In one afternoon visit, we toured three of our LINC churches/projects to show what we are doing to meet the needs of people in their communities after the hurricane. We concluded with a discussion to determine the best way to help our Houston neighbors.

Some of the participants were, Rev Steve Shave, Director of Urban & Inner City Mission and his wife, Kimberly; Rev. Roosevelt Gray, Director of Black Ministries & his wife Otelia.  Nicole Ridley Chief Executive of LCMS National Housing Support Corporation.

The Mission Field of University of Houston

Campus ministry is very fluid and unpredictable. Students schedules change, many international students live off campus, and many are here for graduate classes that limit their availability.

We are thankful for the Lutheran Campus Ministry volunteers who are not shaken by all these hurdles and challenges… but embrace them, and persevere because they realize how valuable just one meaningful, Christ-centered encounter can be in student’s lives. 

 LINC evangelist Simeon Mesa shares some cookies with a Hindu student. Pray that he will be open to the sweet love of Jesus. 

LINC evangelist Simeon Mesa shares some cookies with a Hindu student. Pray that he will be open to the sweet love of Jesus. 

We are thankful for supportive churches, such as Trinity Downtown, that are interested in providing Family sponsors for international students and also hopes to help with an ESL program.

 UH Mission work takes a TEAM! LINC, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Trinity, St. Timothy, Communidad de Gracia work together to provide a free lunch for UH international students! 

UH Mission work takes a TEAM! LINC, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Trinity, St. Timothy, Communidad de Gracia work together to provide a free lunch for UH international students! 

Our thanks to all the cookie bakers from St. Timothy who made students feel very loved and welcome at our Free Lunch in September. Over 200 students attended. Our own LINC church, Communidad de Gracia did a wonderful service by providing a delicious tostada meal for the students. 

 Tostadas for lunch and a variety of home-made cookies! This all spells L-O-V-E to the students!

Tostadas for lunch and a variety of home-made cookies! This all spells L-O-V-E to the students!

Mission Possible!

 Casa de Oracion is skilled at growing disciple-makers of all ages!

Casa de Oracion is skilled at growing disciple-makers of all ages!

It is wonderful to get reports like this from our LINC Mission Churches.  Thanks to God for what he is doing in and through Casa de Oracion (House of Prayer) in Pasadena.  Here is their spring/summer report:

  • April: we had 6 baptisms.
  • Church picnic: 95 people.
  • Youth Camp: 100 people. This was their first camp that they planned on their own for their youth!
  • July was Family Month: 400 after church every Sunday of the month. Families stayed to eat, play sports and just have a time to spend with the congregation.
  • Weekly youth activities at LINC Houston

They are very effective in growing disciple makers of all ages. They are very intentional about reaching the men in their church and community. They are blessed with an excellent worship team and are a very friendly and welcoming church. They have youth meetings weekly at our LINC Office.  It is a special treat for them to meet at the office where they sing worship songs, study the Bible and practice evangelism in nearby neighborhoods.

"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess… Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds…let us not give up meeting together… let us encourage one another…" Hebrews 10:23-25

Camp’s Ripple Effects

 Kids at camp engaged in fun, passionate worship of Jesus.

Kids at camp engaged in fun, passionate worship of Jesus.

“Thomas” is a 13-year-old Mission Pastor’s Kid and has already had a growth spurt, shooting him up to at over 6 feet tall. He was beginning to be “quite a handful” at home because of his height and strength. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to go to the LINC Youth Camp that his dad had signed him up for. 

But, from the moment he arrived, he was loved unconditionally. He witnessed teenagers who were excited about being Christians! He found himself joining in on the songs… even jumping up and down and raising His hands in praise to God! He felt safe asking questions about faith and the Bible. He knew people really cared about him.  He heard and witnessed how Jesus had made a difference in the lives of teens he had grown to trust in just a few days.  Everything he experienced was so genuine, and so much fun!  Camp changed his perspective and helped him want to embrace his faith in Jesus and live it out boldly.

His dad reported that when “Thomas” came home, he literally got down on his knees and BEGGED his dad to sign him up for anything like a LINC Youth Camp that he can go to which would strengthen his faith in God.   

Thanks be to God! To God be the glory! Thank you for your support & prayers!

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

On Friday, August 25th Hurricane Harvey reached the coast of Texas, and is now causing catastrophic and unprecedented flooding in the greater Houston area. LINC Houston is committed to providing immediate relief to vulnerable families, but we need your help!

With the destruction and devastation all around us - and with more to come - it only makes sense that we draw upon our disaster relief experience to provide immediate relief to families in desperate need.

LINC Houston's mission congregations are in communities that are often overlooked, without access to information and resources. Please donate now as we continue to assess the ongoing needs in Houston and beyond. Your donation today will go directly to disaster relief efforts. 

Mission Leaders are safe, but their communities are in need

While the storm rages on, we are continuing to evaluate the ongoing needs of our local Houston communities. We are overjoyed to share that each of our mission pastors remain safe, though the devastation of horrible flooding continues to worsen. Homes have been destroyed and families have been separated.

With unique access to at-risk communities LINC Houston is standing ready to aid those families in our network of ministries that have been most deeply impacted. But we need your help.

See where LINC's mission congregations are located throughout Houston


 We hope to collect a garage full of school supplies this year!!! Thank you for your help!!

We hope to collect a garage full of school supplies this year!!! Thank you for your help!!

While shopping...we encourage you to put some extra school supplies in your cart for LINC!! 

We have more requests then ever before, this year! Your school supply donations will be very much appreciated and put to good use!  Many of our LINC church families are not able to afford school supplies for their children. What a blessing for them to receive your donations. ALL school supplies are needed. There is also a big need for backpacks for a church in Humble.  You might want to consider ordering them in bulk  Have your order sent to 1504 Johnson St., Houston, TX 77007 as soon as possible.  Our target collection date is August 21. Please bring your donations to the LINC office (Johnson St. address) that day.

Not up for shopping this year? Let us do the shopping!!   Checks to LINC Houston and online donations accepted!  Please indicate your donation is for school supplies.  Contact with questions. Thank you for your generous gifts!!  God bless you!!

Wow, God!

Lives changed at camp!

A huge thank you to our incredible donors who raised nearly $9,000 in sponsorships for the 70 youth and 10 adults who attended our first-ever LINC Youth Camp! With the help of 50 youth counselors from Grace Fellowship who put on the camp, the lives of these children were forever impacted with the love of Christ. Throughout their time at camp they learned that "Christ is all, and is in all".

Please join me in continuing to pray for the seeds that were planted during this time, that these children will grow in deeper knowledge of their identities in Christ.

LINC Houston Summer Intern is a Blessing!

Summer has been an extra busy time as we host Mission Teams who serve our Mission churches and their communities.  It has been a great blessing to have Daniel Heitshusen from St. Mark Lutheran Church as our Intern this summer! This is an excellent on-the-job training for a future DCE/Youth Pastor! 

Daniel copy.JPG

"God has a given me a heart for youth and outreach.  My internship with LINC has allowed me to grow in both of these areas, as I learn what it looks like to be a DCE or a Pastor."

Read more about Daniel's experiences with LINC on our website.  

"Wow, God!"

"Wow, God!" We heard this expression shouted over and over by excited children who attended VBS at Communidad de Gracia (CDG)! They were "wowed" over and over again by God's love as it was demonstrated to them by youth from Epiphany Lutheran and The Family of Faith. These two youth groups partnered together beautifully to bring Hope to Houston for a LINC Mission Trip right in their own city!  In addition to leading VBS every day, they threw a baby shower for a Congolese couple, painted a school faculty room, reorganized a LINC storage shed, and did yard work at CDG. They also spent time together in God's Word, listened to amazing God stories by local Houston missionaries, and participated in a Kunama (Eritrean) worship service. Thanks to their partnership in the Gospel (Philippians 1:5) we have MANY reasons to say, "WOW, GOD!"

Hope for Houston

On our Hope for Houston Mission Trips, there are a variety of ways to bring the hope of Christ to others.  Jr. High youth from St. Timothy Lutheran Church and Fishers of Men Lutheran church joined together to bring hope to Houston's 3rd Ward residents as they partnered with members of Adelphos Bible Church. The youth shined for Christ has they improved the neighborhood by fixing up the yards. They also decorated bags with words of hope and encouragement and filled them with essentials (including small devotion books) to give out to the homeless. For the first time in their young lives, they met and prayed for people who sleep in tents under a bridge. Many of the volunteers were pleasantly surprised at how receptive the homeless people were to their help and prayers.  

We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can bring hope to people in your community. Consider this acronym for HOPE created by Missionary Dalton Noack...





We also invite you to come to a Hope for Houston Mission Trip! Any age, any time, you are welcome. Contact

"We have put our HOPE in the living God.  He is the Savior of ALL people. Most of all, He is the Savior of those who believe."  I Timothy 4:10

A Remedy for, "I'm Bored"

Before the Eritrean Kunama worship service, I asked one of the girls how her summer was going. She said, "It's okay but I'm bored". The Holy Spirit nudged me at that moment to invite some of the Eritrean youth to join our Mission Team for the week! It would definitely give them something fun and exciting to do...and would give them a chance to experience being in mission in our city. Five Eritrean youth took me up on the offer!!! They all jumped right in an helped out with VBS and so enjoyed getting to know the other teens.

It turned out to be a great remedy for boredom. Here is what the girl I had spoken to at the Eritrean worship service wrote after she spent time on our mission trip...  "It was the best experience I've ever had! It was so much fun! It impacted me to become a new person. I learned I shouldn't take anything for granted because there are others who don't have anything. This experienced made me want to go to other countries and share the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ."

Mission Trip Insights From Participants:

"I realized how much need there is in our own community. You don't have to travel around the world to be a missionary."

"This experience has opened up a servant heart and showed that service can be fun!"

"I learned about refugees and the fact that there are so many people in pain and suffering that my circumstances don't even compare."

"I realized I am blessed and that I should start getting more involved, not just in my own church but also in my community."

Meet Daniel, Intern Extraordinaire!

“Hey Daniel, Dorinda just texted me asking if you would be interested in interning with her at LINC Houston this summer. What do you think?” My dad mentioned this to me at the beginning of April this year. I hadn’t planned on doing anything except for stay at home and relax over the summer. But, I figured I’d go ahead and talk with Dorinda about what this might entail. As I began to email Dorinda back and forth, I learned that I would be helping her plan and lead local mission trips in Houston. When I interviewed with Dorinda, Pastor Junkans, and Mr. Schultz, internship sounded amazing, but I was also really nervous. How was I, an 18-year-old, supposed to help lead mission trips alongside adults who have been doing this for years? God had a plan, though, and a part of that plan was me interning with LINC, learning and being mentored by Dorinda along the way.

I have now helped lead two local mission trips with LINC, working with Fishers of Men, St. Timothy Lutheran, Epiphany Lutheran and Family of Faith. Cumulatively, we have done yard work, served the homeless, served at the food bank, learned about other religions, heard testimonies, led a Vacation Bible School, organized a garage, thrown a baby shower, helped serve Comunidad de Gracia, and more. Within each of those broad service projects I mentioned, we did so much more than I could even describe. Not to mention all the relationship building back at Our Redeemer, the host facility that LINC’s mission groups stay in.

As I write this, I am just getting home from the second of the two local mission trips. I am taken aback as I consider the servant hearts and Christ-like attitude I have seen in the youth who have come to serve with LINC. Not only that, but also the unity that Christ has provided for us to have. The congregations that come together for the mission trips have all grown very close to each other in a very short amount of time. It has been incredible to see youth from different churches, many who had never met each other, grow together to serve others. We also observed people that we are supposed to be serving turn around and serve us. I have loved getting to meet and talk with our LINC mission pastors and people in the community, as well as the mission teams.

I’ve thought for quite a long time that God had been calling me to be either a DCE or Youth Pastor. I still don’t know which of the two He is calling me to, but I do know this: He has given me a heart for youth, and He has given me a heart for outreach. My internship with LINC has allowed me to grow in both of those areas, as I learn what it looks like to be a DCE or a Pastor! I have gotten to stay with youth groups at Our Redeemer, and I have gotten to do outreach alongside them. And to think, I thought I’d be staying at home all summer.

God had a different plan - a better plan - indeed!

Celebrating 15 Years

What a wonderful response! The 15th Anniversary Reaching the City Gala on May 4th was a great success. With 230 guests in attendance, more than $151,980 has been raised to support LINC Houston.

Because of the generosity of so many people, LINC Houston will continue to engage local leaders who start new ministries to reach the city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you!

Over the past fifteen years, LINC Houston has grown from a small organization to the thriving ministry we are today. With a total of 350 leaders trained, 56 new mission starts, and 345,000 individuals served, we hope for another incredible fifteen years of ministry in this wonderful city.

These are exciting days here at LINC Houston. Thank you for your generous partnership and faithfulness in your continued support!

If you would like to be part of the effort to continue this work in our city, please donate today!


Houston's 3rd Ward Mission Field

Pastor John Ojode has a challenging ministry in Houston's 3rd Ward. Recently he and his son, Emmanuel, shared their dreams for meeting people's very real physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in their community. 

Adelphos Bible Church wishes to do MORE to meet the needs of the community! The ultimate goal of making people feel welcome and loved by Christ at Adelphos. They also believe that once physical/emotional needs are met, people will be interested in learning about God and scripture.

"If one of you says to them, "Go in peace; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?"   James 2:16

Observed needs:  Help/resources for single moms

                              Sobriety Center/ A.A.

                               GED program

                               Computer skills

                               Free legal advice



                               Help with taxes/financial management

                               Positive activities for children

                               Spiritual encouragement


Would you or a group in your church like to help in some way? Please pray about how God can use your time and talent to bless this church and community. Contact to get connected with this LINC ministry. 


 Salem Lutheran Church partners with Adelphos Bible Church to bring hope to this community in a variety of ways... Christmas park outreach, house repairs, prayer walks, etc. We are grateful!

Salem Lutheran Church partners with Adelphos Bible Church to bring hope to this community in a variety of ways... Christmas park outreach, house repairs, prayer walks, etc. We are grateful!

UH Campus Ministry (Salt & Light) reaches many International Students

"Lutheran Campus Ministry looks so different from what it did back when I went to school." This was an observation by a volunteer from Trinity Lutheran who has been very instrumental in gathering volunteer and financial support for LINC's Salt & Light Campus ministry FREE luncheons held one time a semester. "It used to be an organization to continue to nurture faith in Lutheran students in college...but now it is so much more of an outreach to people from all cultures and religions."  Indeed, this is so very true at UH! In addition to free luncheons, once a semester, where up to 250 international students may attend, Salt & Light has regular, lunch devotions on Tuesdays and Thursdays which may include up to 15 students who are not only hungry for a meal, but for more information about Christianity.  During the bi-weekly lunch gatherings it's common to have a gathering of Muslims from Turkey, Buddhists from Vietnam, and Hindus from India. Our Christian leaders take time to listen to their concerns and questions, pray for them and share Biblical truths for them to consider. Please keep this mission field in your prayers. 

You are invited to be a part of this mission by "feeding fifteen" (or donate $60)once a month (8 different churches/people doing this would cover all the meals!) or by coming to lead a devotion or to show Christian care. We wish to thank Trinity Lutheran, St.Timothy Lutheran, St. Mark and Communidad de Gracia for their recent support.   

Please contact for more information or to schedule Lutheran Campus Ministry Leader, Dr. Petta Johnson to speak at your church. 

 Campus ministry bring hope and joy to students!!

Campus ministry bring hope and joy to students!!

LINC Houston Toys For Joy 2016 Report

We PRAISE GOD for His abundant blessings this past Christmas season when TOYS flowed from many generous people in our LINC Partner Churches to 1600 JOYFUL recipients in 16 LINC MISSION churches!!!  Better yet, thousands heard about the gift of salvation through Jesus and mission churches have reported that new families are returning to their churches!  We want to thank ALL who shared toys.... 

Houston area Churches -- Christ the King, Epiphany Pearland,  Joy Lutheran, Salem Tomball,       St. Mark,  St. Peter, St. Timothy, Trinity Downtown. 

Schools -- Lutheran High North, Lutheran South Academy

Companies -- Ascentium Capital, Konica Minolta, Kilgore

Individuals -- James Butler, Edith Nino, Charles Voleck

LINC Mission Church recipients - Adelphos (3rd Ward), Casa de Oracion, Centro de Fe Y Esperanza, Communidad de Gracia & Tijerina School, Manantiales de Vida, Centro de Alabanza, Diverse City Church, Nigerian Fellowship, Karate Outreach, Kunama (Eritrean), Shalom Oromo Evangelical Church, Our Redeemer Telugu Church, Perfect Gospel Mission Church, Voice of Evangelism International,  UH Lutheran Campus Ministry (gift cards).  

"...God loves a cheerful giver. God is able to make all grace abound to you!" 2 Corinthians 9:7-8