LINC Leadership Summit 2010

This past weekend, LINC held its annual Leadership Summit at 161 West Road. Pastors, Missionaries, Staff and leaders gathered together to reignite our passion for the mission of God. Through Praise and Worship, Bible Study, presentations and round-table discussions, we once again refocused our minds on the reason that God has called us to work for Him. God has truly blessed us with a diverse and dedicated group of leaders across the city who are passionate about transforming our communities with the message of the Gospel.

Church Multiplication

One of our mission goals for 2010 is to plant 6 new congregations. As part of his teaching on church multiplication, Mission Director Rev. David Kim taught about the importance of closing the side and back doors of our churches. It is sometimes challenging for our leaders, who minister in very transient communities, to retain a strong level of committed members. Only through a highly relational and systematic discipleship process will we maintain our congregations.

As Director of LINC Bible Institute, Rev. Charles Wokoma also stressed the importance of equipping our leaders with basic theology and practical ministry skills.

The collaboration and networking that took place at the LINC Leadership Summit was also very beneficial to those who attended. As diverse and spread out as LINC's ministry is, many ministry leaders had not even met each other yet. During a round table discussion with various LINC Pastors, many stories were told about individuals who had recently come to faith in Jesus Christ.

A Life Saved, A Family Restored

Pastor Dimas Jimenez told of one man who was about to commit suicide before Pastor Dimas was able to intervene. Not only was the man saved from physical death, but he and his entire family came to faith and now faithfully attend church at Iglesia Luterana Memorial in Katy.

We praise God for this and many other stories that were shared throughout our time together.