IBL - First Graduating Class

Francis Oenida Parada, Albert Jamil Nieves, María de Jesús Cabán, Perla Gil de Rodríguez Senaida, Lorena Gaytán, Noemí Guerra, María Estela Aguilera, Marisela Casillas, Mario Casillas The Instituto Biblico LINC celebrated its first graduation on Wed June 2, 2010 at the LINC Mission Center.  

Our special thanks goes to Rev. Luciano Vega-Ayala (Director of Instituto Bíblico LINC), who put his extra time and hard effort for the sake of IBL administration and this successful graduation ceremony with collaboration of LINC missionary pastors and families.

Three students who are currently Concordia Seminary Students (CHS) are awarded by IBL honors for their academic excellency and responsibility. 1st honored place: Senaida Gaytán, 2nd:Noemí Guerra, and 3rd: Perla Gil de Rodríguez. 

Our LINC family is extremely proud of each and everyone of the below listed people and congratulate them at their successful completion of three year's Biblical and Theological Formation. Their academic commitment and disciplined effort have been tenacious and consistent.