Graduate of Instituto Biblico LINC Helps Current Student Succeed


This story wasStudents upon completion of their course in Christian Doctrine with Instituto Biblico LINC. reported by Perla Gil de Rodriguez, assistant to Mission Director Rev. David Kim: 

After eight intense weeks of study in Doctrina Cristiana (Christian Doctrine) students finally finished the class on a positive note. Upon their completion of the course each student received a certificate recognizing them for successfully completing the course and also for their great effort and diligent study. 

At the dismissal of the class Rev. David Kim shared a testimony about a student in the class and praised God for her life, discipleship and mission. The student was Maria Estela Aquilera and she is a 2010 graduate of Instituto Biblico LINC (IBL). Not only was she praised for her personal efforts in the class, but also because she chose to return to classes to help her friend and fellow student Cecilia Fernandez learn and grow spiritually. Estela is retaking classes so that Cecilia can continue studying at IBL since Cecilia does not own a vehicle. Without Estela's help Cecilia would not be able to attend. 

"We thank God for his servant Estela and praise the LORD that Cecilia and her are able to grow together as they studey with IBL" said Rev. David Kim.