Follow Jesus, Expect Change: Unveil Church Launches in Houston

With the tag-line "Follow Jesus - Expect Change" Unveil Church, a partner congregation with LINC Houston, has high hopes of making an impact for Jesus Christ in downtown "H-town." 

Launching October 15th with a block party for the Houston and Washington Ave. neighborhoods in the First Ward of Houston, Unveil Church is seeking to connect Christ to their community and take away the veil over many eyes in downtown (2 Corinthians 3:16).

Pastored by Ben Gonzales who grew up in Houston miles away from the new churchplant the church will feature vibrant preaching, honest exploration of Christ and his message of live, love and mercy and soul-searching, unveiling worship each and every Saturday evening at 1501 Houston Ave.

Unveil Church is bringing back the urban neighborhood church starting Saturday October 15th. For more information check out