NEWS RELEASE - Motorcycle Club, Police, Team Up with Toys for Joy

The Deacons of Deadwood Motorcycle Club & Houston Police Blue Santa Program partner with LINC Houston to deliver Toys for Joy
in Houston, December 10, 2011


November 28, 2011 - While Harley riders are not your typical Santa characters come Christmas time this year the choppers will be roaring into Houston with bags of toys in tow to bring joy to children’s hearts during the holiday season. 


This December the Deacons of Deadwood motorcycle club is working with the Houston Police Department’s Blue Santa Program to bring joy to children’s lives throughout Houston by partnering with LINC Houston’s Toys for Joy initiative. Saturday December 10 at LINC Houston’s Greenspoint Center (161 West Rd., Houston, TX 77037) the Deacons of Deadwood, the Houston Police and LINC Houston volunteers will help wrap and distribute hundreds of toys to children and families in need.


“In a time when the economy is down and people don’t have the extra money for Christmas gifts this is an opportunity to make a kid’s Christmas warm” said Deacon of Deadwood chapter president Steve Lamb. 


For the last six years LINC Houston has brought joy to many children’s hearts by collecting and gifting over 10,000 toys. This year the Deacons of Deadwood are ensuring that over 400 kids in the Greenspoint community will have a joyful Christmas. 


“We fundraised $8,000 for the toys and are ready to throw a party on December 10 for the kids in the community” said Lamb. 


“We want people to know that motorcycle clubs can be good people and we want kids to see that the police are our friends.” 


For its part LINC Houston is excited to partner with the Deacons and the police this year to bring joy to hundreds of Houstonian families.


LINC Houston's Executive Director Rev. Mark Junkans said, "We are so thankful that this wonderful group of bikers has chosen to partner with us to bless our community."


Please help us spread the news for this event or donate a toy or two for the Toys for Joy program. 


LINC Houston is a nonprofit serving the under-served ethnic communities of Houston, Texas since 2002. As a faith-based organization, LINC serves over 5,000 individuals a month through social services in an effort to create more sustainable communities. For more information about LINC call at 713-426-2451.


The Deacons of Deadwood Motorcycle Club is a nonprofit organization that has been in existence for 10 years and has raised nearly $800,000 for Houston Children's Charities.  With nearly 200,000 miles of riding by its members each year, it uses its visibility in the community to drive its efforts to help children in the Houston area. To learn more visit


The HPD Blue Santa Program was established 18 years ago to provide Christmas toys to children that might not otherwise have one at Christmas.  The organization has grown to the level where it distributes hundreds of toys each year and a large proportion of the police force participate through events in the community or via payroll deduction. For more information contact