School Uniforms

Imagine being a parent taking your child for the very first day to a brand new school. You could not come up with the money needed to purchase a uniform, so your child is dressed in his or her very best clothes instead. You are both eager for the year ahead and your child is ready and willing to soak in the learning! As you enter the building, you are directed to the office where you are told your child cannot come to school until wearing an approved uniform. What a disappointment! And, where are you going to come up with the money to buy even one uniform when you cannot afford dinner tonight? How many days will your child have to miss because of this uniform issue?

This school year is coming to a close. You KNOW that over the summer, your children are going to grow by leaps and bounds and will need new uniforms in August. Will you please consider donating their gently used school uniforms to LINC? Now is a great time to consider donating uniforms - when you are cleaning out closets. You can help many children begin the 2012-13 school year right – ready to do their best and learn as much as possible!

We all know that being dressed correctly improves confidence. With that confidence comes a better attitude toward school in general, more cooperation with teachers and even better grades.

Please contact Edith at 281-509-9112 or by e-mail at if you would like to share your children’s used uniforms with others.