Fivetwo Wikiconference

Mark Junkans, LINC Houston Executive Director speaking about three challenges for the Western Church.LINC Houston collaborated with other ministries around the country at the 2011 Wikiconference.  This amazing three day event was generously hosted by Crosspoint Community Church in Katy, TX.  You can find photos of this conference on the fivetwo facebook page.  

Rev. Mark Junkans, LINC's Executive Director addressed the conference in a keynote address that spoke to the need for the church in the west to address the issues of cultural, religious and socio-economic changes happening all around us.  Rev. David Kim, LINC's Mission Director, co-led a multi-ethnic church track with Mark DeYmaz. This important track taught how to lead a multi-ethnic church as well as train leaders for missions from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures.  

Various LINC missionaries were also present with their leadership teams, collaborating with church leaders from around the country.  We are praying that being a part of this network will enable LINC Houston to better learn from and train church leaders, congregations and ministries around the country.

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