University Choir Brightens Up Mission Church in Southeast Houston

The University Choir from Concordia University Texas at Austin is mostly known for their stunning vocal constructions rather than their painting skills. 

Nonetheless this last weekend the 33 member student choir, led by Director Joshua Chai, stopped hitting high notes and instead dedicated themselves to brush strokes for a few hours washing, cleaning, organizing and painting at Comunidad de Gracia, one of LINC Houston's mission churches. 

"Wow, could they sing," said Perla Gil de Rodriguez, deaconess at Comunidad de Gracia and wife to Pastor Nelson Rodriguez, "but man could they paint as well!" 

The choir was on tour in Houston for the weekend and decided they wanted to help out. Looking for a place to serve Comunidad de Gracia opened their building up for work and the choir was more than happy to oblige. Wasting no time and putting in plenty of effort, the choir painted two rooms, completely cleared, cleaned, and re-organized the food pantry, cleaned the storage areas, pressure-washed the church, cleaned the sanctuary, cleaned and weeded the yard and polished the pews.

"They did an awesome job" said Rodriguez, "even the bus driver got involved with the clearing, the cleaning and the singing as they worked!"

Not only did the service bless the church, but the hard work and fellowship with Comunidad de Gracia leaders touched the choir as well, leaving them with a blessing that will last a lifetime. 

"It was an amazing experience for all of us" said Joshua Chai, "truly life-changing for some."

*If you'd like your church, youth group or service organization to connect with one of LINC's mission congregations for an amazing, life-changing, service experience please contact the LINC Mission Department.