This Church Cares for its Volunteers, Community

CFC volunteers serving a local apartment complex at Christmas time. As the cliche goes, "No one cares what you know unless they know that you care." For Centro Familiar Cristiano (CFC), a LINC mission congregation, that is definitely the case. 

It is not that CFC does not care for the community. Far from it! 

Instead, CFC is involved in caring for their community in a big way. In 2011 they put on an Easter festival, a mothers day and fathers day celebration, back-to-school programs, a VBS, a Thanksgiving dinner and three christmas programs. Certainly, CFC cares. 

To show how much they care they put on a volunteer appreciation dinner in January to thank their community partners and church members who served their neighborhood in 2011. 

"We are so thankful for all our volunteers and what they do in the community" said Pastor Lincon Guerra, "we wanted to show our appreciation, particularly for our volunteers who don't call CFC their church home." 

To celebrate their volunteers CFC put on a dinner, passed out certificates and shared words of Gospel encouragement. 

"Among the volunteers from the community there are many from our church, but we focused on the ones from the community to be thanked" said Deaconess Noemi Guerra. 

The act of generous thanks and celebration made an impact on those who volunteered with CFC, but do not know the Gospel. 

"We prayed for them and we gave each of them a certificate of appreciation" said Noemi, "afterward three of them spoke and thanked us for giving them the opportunity to serve - they told us that it is weird for them to see that our church cares for them even though they are not members of the church. They were very touched. They know we care."