A new refuge in the city

Next to a car shop down a non-descript street in Southwest Houston there is a place of refuge and restoration for the people of the city. 

New church planter, Neftalí Zelaya, pastor of Centro Cristiano Adulam (CCA), along with his people, is using this location as a sanctuary of hope in the city, just as the Cave of Adulam was a place of security for David (1 Samuel 22). 

The mission of CCA is to love God, love others and magnify the name of Jesus Christ. The vision of our church is to glorify our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to make real disciples throughout Houston and around the world.

Pastor Zelaya has a wealth of mission experience and already has served at CCA for 5 years. In the past, Zelaya worked in multiple states, including founding the church Iglesia Misionera "Alfa y Omega" in Madelia, Minnesota where he served as pastor for more than 8 years. His wife, Silvia, his three children and two grandchildren now reside in Houston, TX and his son, Andres, works for the LINC Mission Department as a Church Plant Coordinator. 

As a mission church of LINC, Zelaya and CCA are utilizing all of the resources at their disposal to accomplish their mission. CCA is getting ready to launch a School of Glocal Mission, a LINC Music School, and a Community Center with mobile food pantry, events, ESL classes, and more! 

"The ministry is doing great. Since we've partnered with LINC, we've already seen a few new families from the community joining us for Sunday worship," said Zelaya.

"We are really excited about hosting a quality ministry training school in Spanish such as School of Glocal Mission," he said, "This will truly be impactful as we train and release members for ministry in their contexts."

On August 25th, CCA teamed up with LINC partners, Faith in Action from St. Timothy's, to bless more than 100 children with a worship service, meals, and school supplies as they headed back to school. 

"We cannot wait to see all the Lord has planned and would enjoy partnering with more churches, as we did with Faith in Action," said Zelaya. 

For information on partnership with CCA, contact Rev. David Kim or Andres Zelaya.