Happy homeowners in Houston

Back in May we wrote about how LINC was working with the department of Housing and Urban Development to help Houstonians avoid foreclosure, purchase a home and stay off the streets. 

This whole initiative is a vital part of our restorative work in Houston and a way we actively show mercy among the under-resourced in our city. 

Since May, Dorothy Martin has been hard at work with various clients in many states of need. The stories are inspiring and the future is promising for this new LINC initiative that you help make possible. 

Over the last few months our Housing Program helped a family of five relocate after unjust eviction, is counseling a client in danger of foreclosing, is helping two more clients sell their home in a touch economic environment and has another client about to close on their first house by the end of October! 

"Without assistance from LINC, these families would not have a leg to stand on," said Martin. 

LINC gives them a leg up in the housing market. 

For the one client about to close, LINC is helping their dream come true. Having just moved back to the U.S. from Costa Rica, this couple was not aware of the incentives offered by the government and local builders. With LINC's help they are close to owning a house in the country, and city, they consider home. 

In the next twelve months Martin and LINC's Housing Program will plan to help another 20 families become mortgage ready, which is another way to say - to aide these people to be happy homeowners in Houston.