No matter the situation, Northwest Houston mission church passes the blessing on

The congregation at Santuario de Poder Vida Nueva. Pastor Duglas Ayala and his wife Ana are passionate about community ministry and outreach. Since 2007 they have been reaching out to the Hispanic community just north of Jersey Village. Last year their ministry, Santuario de Poder Vida Nueva, almost came to a halt following theft, vandalism and outright destruction at their church.

Undeterred, the people of Santuario de Poder applied for a grant and were able to move to a new location. For them the acts of vandalism turned into a blessing. 

Since being in their new building God has brought them into contact with new families and new opportunities to minister to those in need. 

Blessings beloved brethren, we wish to hereby give a little testimony of what God is doing in our Santuario de Poder Vida Nueva and community,

"We thank God for this honor" said Pastor Duglas Ayala, "the new place is located in an area of great need and we have seen God's glory reflected in attendance at our regular services."

Pastor Ayala says that attendance of guests has doubled and that  seven families were added to the congregation since they moved to this new location in the month of November.

"We have also observed that these families come to our church for food and shelter due to lack of work," he said, "thankfully, and because of LINC, we could help these families."

In December, Santuario de Poder partnered with LINC to distribute toys through the annual Toys for Joy campaign. Since then there was an increase of children, with 20 kids now attending church and Sunday school. 

Rev. David Kim, LINC Mission Director, said, "From the beginning Santuario de Poder have been fantastic partners."

"They are self-sustaining and mutual partners in ministry, giving back just as much as they receive."

Being taken from vandalism to victory in the Kingdom of Christ, Pastor Ayala and the disciples at Santaurio de Poder are excited for what God has in store for the future. Seeing God's blessing evident in their ministry they hope to pass that blessing on to their community. 

"We are planning for our anniversary and combining it with a massive campaign of evangelism to reach many more souls," said Ayala.

"We expect to serve more people and provide needed service to our community, remembering that 'faith without works is dead.'"