Collaboration for the Kingdom

Collaboration for the sake of Kingdom growth is paramount in missional leadership. At LINC Houston, we believe that by working together, we can do more than we can by working alone. This concept is rooted in Scripture, "for when two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them." This is the driving force behind holistic ministry, reaching the whole person through our community development programs and missional initiatives.

The mission team is prayerfully carrying out this model by communicating with our 25 indigenous mission pastors. Through this partnership, we seek to raise awareness of the services we provide in order to help them reach out in their communities and sow seeds for the Gospel.  At the mission pastors' January meeting Michelle Gil, LINC's Social Services Manager, presented outreach models to the mission pastors in attendance with the intent to connect their communities to our services and ultimately spread the Gospel.

Through her leadership, LINC offers a myriad of services such as food stamps, food pantry, zumba classes, Medicaid chips, Lone Star Legal Aid, emergency food, clothes, employment help, Gold Card services and more. In addition to providing these services at LINC Houston's West Road and Pasadena locations, she is coordinating monthly outreach events to connect the Greenspoint community to Christ. Her goal in implementing these events is to connect these people to the Gospel and to our churches through community development.

Holly Brock, a representative from Neighborhood Tax Centers was also present to discuss our joint partnership. To help those struggling with their finances during these trying economic times, LINC is one of 16 free tax centers in Houston aimed to assist low to moderate-income families and individuals (read above for more details). This unique partnership lends a helping hand to meeting peoples needs and also provides an opportunity to share the love of Christ. Pastor Lincon and his team of leaders are  using this program to build relationships and minister to those coming to receive help with their taxes. 

This joint effort to utilize social services to expand God's Kingdom and advance the spread of the Gospel is at the core of LINC's mission and vision. These needs-based programs open the door to share the gift of salvation with those who do not yet know Christ. Every program has a purpose, to share the message of what God is doing among His people for the sake of the Gospel.