Mission leader delivers vital training to pastors in Honduras

Rev. David Kim of LINC Houston teaching theology & mission to pastors and leaders in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. With an area about the size of Tennessee and a population of 5.6 million people the country of Honduras is a Central American republic that once was part of the mighty Mayan empire in pre-colonial times. Today, the average daily wage is $2 and there are only 57 doctors per 100,000 people. 

In an effort to reach the lost in Honduras and improve the health of local communities, the ministry Heart for Honduras was founded in 1996 to provide medical, vision, dental clinics and outreach to under-resourced communities in Honduras. Sending two teams a year, the ministry reaches out to the community of Santa Rosa de Copan near the border with Guatemala. 

In February Rev. David Kim, LINC Mission Director, accompanied the team to offer theological and practical mission training for pastors, their wives and other leaders from community outreach programs and local congregations near Santa Rosa de Copan. 

“It was my honor to provide, along with Heart for Honduras, a holistic mission treating the body, mind and spirit of many in the Santa Rosa communities,” said Pastor Kim.  

While teams shared medical care, prayed for the community and offered Bible teaching there arose a deeper desire from local pastors for more in-depth theological and mission training. 

On this initial training trip Kim spent three days covering such topics as justification and sanctification and the “solas” of the Reformation - sola Scriptura, sola fides, sola gratia and solus Christus (Scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone, Christ alone). 

“In mission it is so important to have this theological basis,” said Kim, “before you share the Gospel with others you need to know it yourself.”

Honduras is 80-97% Roman Catholicism and there is a strong pull among disadvantaged communities towards the enthusiasm of the Pentecostal church. Too often Hondurans are driven towards a Christianity based on feelings rather than faith.  

Pastor Kim with the pastors and leaders in Honduras. Kim said, “in this type of situation piety and works become the foundation of salvation instead of grace and faith.”

As the ministry of Heart for Honduras continues to grow, and the Gospel continues to be proclaimed in its purity, the hope is that more theological training with missional emphasis can be offered in Santa Rosa de Copan. Pastor Kim plans on returning in the Fall. 

Pastor Kim concluded, “Everyone enjoyed the discussions and learned a lot and so they requested more training...they want it to be even more intensive for the sake of mission!”