Miracle boy, now mission pastor in Houston

Pastor Mario Casillas, center right, who was once paralyzed, leads a dance line at an Iglesia Monte Sinai celebrationWhen Pastor Mario Casillas arrived in Houston 15 years ago from Tamaulipas, Mexico to start a church, he already knew God could work miracles. 

As a boy, Casillas was paralyzed from the waist down. Pinned to a wheelchair without the ability to walk, an evangelist in Mexico brought a Bible to him in the hospital. As Casillas read how Jesus healed the paralytics he prayed that he might be healed. 

In short order, Casillas took his first steps. 

“He is a miracle boy,” said friend and mission partner Perla Gil de Rodriguez, “God literally healed him and from that time on he is committed to serving the Lord in mission.” 

That is correct. Pastor Mario Casillas was healed of his paralysis and just three years after his debilitating injury, was able to walk again. 

As Rodriguez noted, his life has been dedicated to evangelism ever since. 

That evangelism journey led him to Houston in 1998 when he planted a church in Baytown. Today, he pastors Iglesia Monte Sinai and reaches out to the hurt, the paralyzed and the spiritually lost in Port Arthur, Baytown and the surrounding area. Hosting Bible studies, worship and a radio talk show on Radio Vida 1150am Pastor Casillas shares the Word of God and his own testimony. 

“Our church exists to serve the community and evangelize the lost,” said Casillas. 

“We just want to show them the love of Christ,” he said.  

Iglesia Monte Sinai’s worship services (more information on their services here) are marked by freedom and passion as they worship a Lord of miracles and salvation. The entire congregation is dedicated to mission and they hope soon to build their own church building. 

For now, Pastor Casillas and his fellow disciples at Iglesia Monte Sinai pray to continue to be used for God’s mission in baytown. 

Stories of miracle healing or not, he said, “we pray for God to continue to use us as his tool to reach others for Christ, that’s all.”