No car, hard choices, force families to look to LINC for food assistance

Did you know that 865,000 individuals need food assistance in Houston each year? And of the 137,000 that receive food assistance each week nearly half of the households have a working adult and 47% are children? Many times, these families have to make the choice between paying for food or covering rent or utilities. These are difficult choices to make. 

Since the beginning of April, LINC Houston and the Houston Food Bank are partnering together to bring readily needed food assistance to the Greenspoint area. Every Wednesday from 9:00am-12:00pm the Food Bank is on hand to review applictions and distribute Lone Star debit cards for households in need. Also available is immediate food assistance through LINC's regular food distribution program. 

For Michelle Gil, LINC Community Services Director, the first Wednesday was an eye-opening experience. 

"Most of the clients that came in walk here struggling to make ends meet," she said, "most of them do not have a car to get to the Texas department of Human Services and so were missing out on these services." 

Trying their best to keep food on the table with the little they have is a massive struggle for the clients that come to LINC Houston's Greenspoint Mission Center.

Gil said, "The joy that I see in the clients as they leave knowing that there one step closer to having their needs met brings joy to my heart."

"Living pay check to pay check is one thing but not knowing how you are going feed your family is another."

According to a recent Kinder Institute survey, 32% of families in Houston have problems paying for food in a given year. Help LINC continue to provide services such as the above to provide  a safety-net to families in need in our communities.