Easter egg hunt helps connect mission church with community

Easter is just around the corner, and there are certain things that go hand-in-hand with the season. Easter hats and dresses, Cadbury Cream Eggs, egg decorating, bunnies, Peeps and Easter egg hunts are all central to the celebration of the season. Often, Easter Sunday worship services are no longer part of the tradition.

Sometimes, and sadly, it seems that Easter is emptied of the empty tomb.

Not so for UNVEIL Church and the community they are reaching out to in Downtown Houston. This year, Pastor Ben Gonzales and the new LINC mission plant are not only putting on a Twilight Easter Egg Hunt and giving out Easter baskets to kids in their neighborhood, but proclaiming and embodying Jesus in a continual attempt to reach their community with the Good News of the Resurrection.

"Over the last few months we've been going door-to-door getting to know the community," shared Gonzales, "people are really receptive."

Gonzales also noted how diverse the community around UNVEIL is. Located in Downtown near Washington Ave. and Houston Ave. the church is getting to know a neighborhood with rich ethnic, socio-political and religious diversity.

Seeking to build a reputation in the community and connect with its residents, UNVEIL is offering an Easter egg hunt, free community BBQ and relaxed worship service Saturday April 7 starting at 5pm. 

During worship UNVEIL will start its new sermon series - Jesus is __________ - a series exploring who people think Jesus is and who He actually is and what He has done for us. 

Following the service the egg hunt kicks off with a parade led by the Houston Fire Department, which will escort kids and families down Bingham St. to Brock Park. Scattered throughout the park will be 1,500 eggs and 3 Golden Eggs, including one that will score the winner a brand new Nintendo 3DS. 

"This isn't a bait-and-switch," said Gonzales, "we are hoping to build relationships with no strings attached." 

"We really want to bless the community and get to know them as they get to know us," he said, "in the end, we want them to get to know Jesus." 


*Gonzales and UNVEIL Church invite you and your family to come down as well to enjoy the festivities, join in the fun and share Jesus with the diverse community of Downtown Houston. Festivities begin at 5pm, the Easter Egg Hunt is at 6:30pm and the BBQ at 7:15pm.