Receiving the keys to your first home...

...can be a dream come true for many families. It can also be an uphill battle that many will never win. 

In a shaky economic climate and with limited income or knowledge about how to buy a home, many potential homebuyers stay out of the market. 

But they continue to dream, hope and talk about someday owning a home. 

On Saturday May 19 LINC Houston, and our Housing Program  Manager Dorothy Martin, hosted a workshop on homeownership for low-income families and others looking to move into their first home. All-in-all there were 60 who came on Saturday or attended the follow-up session on Wednesday May 23. 

"At the workshop we explained the process as much as possible," said Martin. 

The process itself involves the client from the beginning, with them being involved in choosing their zip code, inspecting the home and having a say in the LINC refurbishment. Once the client is mortgage ready, LINC sets to work getting their home prepared. 

Martin said, "their will be questions and concerns after this first meeting, but LINC will do everything we can to get them mortgage, and home, ready by the end of the year."  

After the workshop, 25 families are on this road to owning their very first home. 

"We have 25 clients who will be working with me to get into their first home," said Martin. 

These families could not be more excited. 

Over the next year, Martin will work with them to dispel the fears and create a pathway to home ownership that would not otherwise be possible. Without LINC Houston's Housing Program homeownership for these families would remain a "someday" dream, rather than a tangible next step.

In the coming months we will introduce you to some of the individuals and families enrolled with LINC's Housing Program so that you can get to know the impact your support has on the lives of many through LINC Houston and programs like its First Time Homebuyer's workshop and client services.