From Houston to Mexico City

Pastor Rodrigo Fernandez not only partners in ministry at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Houston, but recently travelled to Mexico to extend his outreach there and train others for mission ministry.

At the end of May, Rev. Fernandez travelled to lead a class on Christian counseling at LINC Houston's School of Theology and Mission (STM) in Mexico City. 

"It was a blessing in many ways," said Fernandez.

Not only was the LINC pastor privileged to teach 20 women and men of God about the basics of Christian counseling, but he was also able to reach out to family members connected to his church in Houston. 

While teaching the course, Jorge and Vianey Leon, members of Pastor Fernandez's church in Houston, asked him to pay a visit to their parents in Mexico City. Jorge and Vianey had been speaking to their parents about God's unfailing love and forgiveness, about their church and Pastor Rodrigo and how God had done amazing things in their lives. Pastor Rodrigo took the opportunity to visit their parents during his stay in Mexico City and through these visits, both families came to Christ.

Upon his return to Houston, Pastor Fernandez had the opportunity to share these exciting stories with his church.  

"When they heard of the good things that God had done in Mexico City through Pastor Rodrigo, the church gave a love offering to LINC for scholarships for other students in Mexico City," said Rev. David Kim, Mission Director at LINC Houston, "this is an immense blessing for our ministry there." 

Now, not only does Pastor Fernandez's church reach out to people here in Houston, but they have a foothold for the Gospel in Mexico City through intentional family outreach and consistent theological training through LINC's School of Theology and Mission in Mexico's capital.