Mission Director to equip leaders at local conference

The face of America is changing. New realities of an increasingly diverse and ethnic population requirescultural sensitivity and an intentional pursuit of the multi-ethnic vision. America is facing a new migration.God has brought the nations to our doorstep. The way we reach the world is no longer only by traveling to India or Africa on mission trips; but stepping outside our door and talking to our African or Indian neighbors. We are engaging in missional conversations in our neighborhoods and offices.

Come and listen as David Kim and Jonathan Williams, along with other LINC Houston multi-ethnic church planters, lead you with the information and tools that prepare you better in the task of the Urban and Glocal-Mission church planting. Both are in the field as cross-cultural mission church planters and mission strategists. They have tested and applied these biblical and practical principles with great fruit.

If you are considering ethnic and or multi-ethnic church planting or asking yourself why the church should do urban and glocal missions, this track is for you.

For more information on the speakers that will be a part of the Multi-Ethnic WikiTrack check outwiki52.com, click on Speakers, then Multi-Ethnic.

If you are interested in attending the conference for its other tracks touching on coaching, church rejuvenation, church planting, worship arts, organizational development or more, visit theWikiconference website to learn more and register!