Run 4 the City Event Raises nearly $70,000 after 24 Hour Run.

Houston, TX--- This past weekend, LINC Houston Executive Director, Mark Junkans set out on a 24 hour run to raise money to support LINC programs. Junkans ran about 120 miles, starting out in Northwest Houston and ending downtown, at Trinity Lutheran Church. After collecting one-time donations and per mile pledges, the final number comes close to 70,000 dollars.

Junkans ran or walked nearly the entire time, with allowing rest at stops along the way which included many of the churches that support LINC Houston efforts. Junkans was assisted by volunteers who helped keep him hydrated, fed, and encouraged. From the people who drove support vehicles to those who helped pace him by running along his side, he couldn’t have done it without them.

Junkans became very emotional toward the end when he saw the crowds that had gathered to cheer him on. He crossed the finish line with his wife and daughters holding his hand. He was greeted by friends, family, and church members. As part of the ice cream social, he gave a thank you speech to all those who believed in him and his organization. He said, “I am completely overwhelmed by the support that we received from across the city for this event.  Thanks to everyone who participated: the runners who kept me company along the way, those who donated, the whole support team and each congregation who welcomed me and cheered me on.”

Mark said he’s feeling pretty good the day after considering he had just ran/walked the past 24 hours straight. He’s a little sleep deprived and hungry, but is doing great. He’s really happy with the way the event went. He says, “We set out to raise awareness and money for the needs in the communities we serve.  To be able to raise $70k in a 24 hour period is a testament to how committed our partners are to making an impact in the city. A thank you goes to all the individuals, churches, and local businesses who contributed so that we can serve more people.”

 Mark crosses finish line with wife and daughters holding his hands. 

Mark crosses finish line with wife and daughters holding his hands.