Pastor David Kim Speaks in Maryland

Pastor David Kim just returned from speaking at the First Immigrant Mission of North America National Conference in Maryland. He was invited to speak on the topic, "Becoming a Self-sustaining, Generous, and Missional Congregation."

   After workshop  group picture

 After workshop  group picture

The conference was sponsored by the Southern Eastern District and the National Mission Office of the LCMS.

Pastor Kim says, "Immigration or migration is not accidental. As immigrants and refugees come to our land because of war, famine, disaster, injustice, American Dream, 'they might hear about our God and see His glory by God's grace' (Acts 17:26-27)."

He says, "God has brought us all immigrants to the USA not to just to live by American Dream but to live out everyday everywhere to accomplish God's mission by God's power and with God's given resources. "

Three quotes from Pastor Kim to take with you:

“The trouble with any church is not lack of money; it is lack of Mission Mindset/DNA, Faith/Trust in the Lord, and Creativity."

“Stewardship without Mission is Unnecessary and Mission without Stewardship is Impossible”

  Holding hands altogether to pray and praise as token of Unity for Kingdom's Work

Holding hands altogether to pray and praise as token of Unity for Kingdom's Work

 “FundRaising” is Faith Raising, People Raising, and Mission Raising"    

Pastor Kim enjoyed his time at the conference and took away this: 

"The challenge of funding missions and ministries is everywhere and among African Immigrant churches this is not an exception. God's people and leaders need to learn where they can find the resources to carry out God's Kingdom vision and mission. In the midst of all the challenges and uncertainty, there's one premise that stands true: 'Where God leads God provides.' "