Exxon Mobile Group Organizes Aid Boxes

On Tuesday, July 30th, 13 employees from Exxon Mobil, led by Teni Suleiman, came to LINC Houston in order to assist in preparing for disaster relief.

Exxon Mobil Crew.JPG

This group sifted and sorted through hundreds of pounds of clothing, bedding, and toiletries in order to put together boxes that will be distributed throughout the Houston area as needed.

At the end of the day, Exxon’s team had assembled around 50 relief boxes; enough supplies in each to support a family of four.

In just a few hours, aid was made available for close to 200 people.

Disaster Relief Boxes.JPG

Not satisfied with that, the Exxon crew also helped organize LINC’s storage facilities in order to allow staff and volunteers to apply their effort elsewhere.

In addition to all of their hard work, the crew leader informed LINC staff that Exxon Mobil would be giving a $500 grant in order to fund future efforts.