New Latino Radio Talk Show

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Pastor Luciano Vega-Ayala, IBC Director for LINC Houston, is co-hosting a radio program targeted at Latinos in the United States dealing with the multiple cultures. 

Just a few of the themes the show touches on include, blending cultures together, how to raise your kids within the U.S culture, the clash of different cultures, and how to deal with the issues that arise.

It is a show anyone in the public can listen to, it's a family friendly program. Parents and their children can listen in together. It pushes Christian values, but is not preaching or lecturing. It's a discussion style type of show. The audience can call in, email, or Facebook with the hosts and help suggest topics to cover. Pastor Vega-Ayala and his co-host, Lorna Virgili, don't always agree and bring to the table different view points on topics.

Currently, the show is broadcasting in 15 cities around the United States, and is hoping to grow to a larger audience. 

You can find more information on Sentido Latino at their website. They also have the listening times listed there as well.