Rice University Students Partner with LINC

Rice University students spend their Spring Break with LINC

Spring break is a time when most college students are thinking about having fun and relaxing from all their hard work in school. A group of Christian students from Rice university decided that they would use their Spring break to make a difference in the lives of fellow Houstonians. Led by Pastor Raul from the Chinese Houston Church, these students visited almost a dozen LINC mission sites throughout the week to assist in spreading the Good News of Jesus.

One of those locations was the University of Houston where LINC operates a Campus Ministry primarily to International Students. Below is a message from Dr. Johnson Petta, the Director of our Campus Ministry at UH.

Johnson Petta - UH Campus Ministry Director

March 4, 2015

 Students pray before going out to share the Gospel with University Students.

Students pray before going out to share the Gospel with University Students.

We had a delightful "warm up" session with students and their pastor Jason this afternoon before our big day tomorrow to unleash "God's Spirit of Grace" on the campus through prayer and evangelism.  There was an eruption of "excitement and evangelical zeal" as Pastor Raul Rodriguez concluded his rousing challenge to the students to heed the 'fierce urgency of now' to share the "Gospel of Love" with the campus students of our University and to pray for God to ignite an unprecedented revival on the campus that can spark a "Great Awakening" in the Houston Metropolis where every soul will be consumed in the outpouring of God's saving Grace!

Pastor Raul further shared that the the time is now to 'widen the field of our vision' that encompasses Rice University campus by joining forces with Rice University students and the Chinese Houston Church in organizing more of such "cross campus evangelistic outreach" events in the these two colossal mission fields that are magnet to students the world over seeking to advance their academic and professional career goals. 

With a significant Chinese international student representation in our weekly fellowship groups, pastor Raul stated that our partnership with Chinese Houston Church would be a logical natural progress to foster a mutual cultural learning environment for more effective ministry among the Chinese students, who are the largest contingent of international students enrolled in our University's academic and research programs. He added that our crossing paths with this group of Chinese students visiting our campus is not a happenstance but part of a larger vision that God is challenging LCM to embrace by sharpening our focus on the international community on our campus that is expanding by leaps and bounds, unabated, each year. With the current rate of growth, about half of the campus community will constitute international students in the not-so-distant future.

Is the LCM prepared for such a massive demographic shift in terms of its ministry capabilities? I would say more than ever. In a break from the past, LCM is ministering to more international students than ever before. Christian students have become a minority, and that is a hallmark of our expanding international appeal.

LCM seeing increased connection with Muslim Students

In an atmosphere of deep mutual distrust between Christianity and Islam, more Islamic students are attending our fellowship groups than students of other faiths. It is a testament to our cultural knowledge, sensitivity and the irresistible genuine Christian warmth and care that continues to draw these students of Islamic faith searching for the Way, the Truth and the Life, despite the clear and present dangers of severe penalties and stringent religious proscription against such activities. 

Our campus ministers are second to none in terms of the gifts, experience, and cultural and Biblical knowledge that they bring to the ministry. With an undeniable mastery of effective relational skills,  and an uncommon diligence, devotion, energy and passion, the LCM team is poised to scale greater heights of mission successes on the campus and beyond. I appeal to all our parters to send our way more of your diligent prayers, words of encouragements, financial and material support to accomplish more for the Kingdom, with unreserved humility knowing that we are His servants and all Glory belongs to Him and Him only.