Join LINC for Glocal Mission Day

What is Glocal MISSION Day?

We intend for this to be a GOSPEL SATURATION DAY for Houston, TX where approximately 4 million out 6.8 million people do not know Jesus as their Savior!

We will mobilize and train as many youth and adults as possible in order to reach at least 1000 people for Jesus in one day through prayer walks, park & apartment outreach, distributing flyers, and by sharing Jesus via witness bracelets.

Where will we share Jesus?

We will reach out in all areas of Houston with 5 LINC Mission churches as our “home base”. After August 3, when we receive all registrations, we will assign you to a location. You may share Jesus in an apartment complex, at a park, or in a neighborhood.

When will Glocal Mission Day start and end?

At each location, the event will start at 9:00 am with a time of welcome, orientation, training, prayer and preparation. Then, a time of outreach for Jesus, followed by lunch and debriefing/sharing. We plan to conclude by 2 pm.

What AGES are welcome?

All ages are welcome. ANYONE with Christ is a missionary! God can use all ages to accomplish His mission.

How can we prepare?

Pray for those who will hear the Gospel on that day! We can plant a seed of the Gospel with actions of kindness and word, but only the Holy Spirit can convince them to acknowledge Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

What should I bring?

  • A heart that is grateful for salvation and wishes for ALL to be saved.

  • Refillable water bottle labeled with your name.

  • A Bible

  • Sack Lunch labeled with your name.

  • Sunscreen/hat/tennis shoes

  • Appropriate attire... shorts must be at least mid-thigh length

What is the Suggested Donation?

The suggested donation is $10 per person. Each participant will receive a Glocal Mission Day t-shirt! The donation will also help cover cost of flyers, bracelets etc. Please bring the $10 to the event.

How do I register? Contact Dorinda Werner -- or 618-593-1419 When is the Registration Deadline? Monday, August 3.