Wow, God!

Lives changed at camp!

A huge thank you to our incredible donors who raised nearly $9,000 in sponsorships for the 70 youth and 10 adults who attended our first-ever LINC Youth Camp! With the help of 50 youth counselors from Grace Fellowship who put on the camp, the lives of these children were forever impacted with the love of Christ. Throughout their time at camp they learned that "Christ is all, and is in all".

Please join me in continuing to pray for the seeds that were planted during this time, that these children will grow in deeper knowledge of their identities in Christ.

LINC Houston Summer Intern is a Blessing!

Summer has been an extra busy time as we host Mission Teams who serve our Mission churches and their communities.  It has been a great blessing to have Daniel Heitshusen from St. Mark Lutheran Church as our Intern this summer! This is an excellent on-the-job training for a future DCE/Youth Pastor! 

Daniel copy.JPG

"God has a given me a heart for youth and outreach.  My internship with LINC has allowed me to grow in both of these areas, as I learn what it looks like to be a DCE or a Pastor."

Read more about Daniel's experiences with LINC on our website.  

"Wow, God!"

"Wow, God!" We heard this expression shouted over and over by excited children who attended VBS at Communidad de Gracia (CDG)! They were "wowed" over and over again by God's love as it was demonstrated to them by youth from Epiphany Lutheran and The Family of Faith. These two youth groups partnered together beautifully to bring Hope to Houston for a LINC Mission Trip right in their own city!  In addition to leading VBS every day, they threw a baby shower for a Congolese couple, painted a school faculty room, reorganized a LINC storage shed, and did yard work at CDG. They also spent time together in God's Word, listened to amazing God stories by local Houston missionaries, and participated in a Kunama (Eritrean) worship service. Thanks to their partnership in the Gospel (Philippians 1:5) we have MANY reasons to say, "WOW, GOD!"

Hope for Houston

On our Hope for Houston Mission Trips, there are a variety of ways to bring the hope of Christ to others.  Jr. High youth from St. Timothy Lutheran Church and Fishers of Men Lutheran church joined together to bring hope to Houston's 3rd Ward residents as they partnered with members of Adelphos Bible Church. The youth shined for Christ has they improved the neighborhood by fixing up the yards. They also decorated bags with words of hope and encouragement and filled them with essentials (including small devotion books) to give out to the homeless. For the first time in their young lives, they met and prayed for people who sleep in tents under a bridge. Many of the volunteers were pleasantly surprised at how receptive the homeless people were to their help and prayers.  

We encourage you to prayerfully consider how you can bring hope to people in your community. Consider this acronym for HOPE created by Missionary Dalton Noack...





We also invite you to come to a Hope for Houston Mission Trip! Any age, any time, you are welcome. Contact

"We have put our HOPE in the living God.  He is the Savior of ALL people. Most of all, He is the Savior of those who believe."  I Timothy 4:10

A Remedy for, "I'm Bored"

Before the Eritrean Kunama worship service, I asked one of the girls how her summer was going. She said, "It's okay but I'm bored". The Holy Spirit nudged me at that moment to invite some of the Eritrean youth to join our Mission Team for the week! It would definitely give them something fun and exciting to do...and would give them a chance to experience being in mission in our city. Five Eritrean youth took me up on the offer!!! They all jumped right in an helped out with VBS and so enjoyed getting to know the other teens.

It turned out to be a great remedy for boredom. Here is what the girl I had spoken to at the Eritrean worship service wrote after she spent time on our mission trip...  "It was the best experience I've ever had! It was so much fun! It impacted me to become a new person. I learned I shouldn't take anything for granted because there are others who don't have anything. This experienced made me want to go to other countries and share the love, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ."

Mission Trip Insights From Participants:

"I realized how much need there is in our own community. You don't have to travel around the world to be a missionary."

"This experience has opened up a servant heart and showed that service can be fun!"

"I learned about refugees and the fact that there are so many people in pain and suffering that my circumstances don't even compare."

"I realized I am blessed and that I should start getting more involved, not just in my own church but also in my community."