Florida Youth Serve the Houston Community!

The youth mission team from St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Oviedo, Florida has been spreading the love of Jesus Christ throughout the Houston Community with a week of outreach and service. Though the team started the week with a long list of tasks, they were determined to see it finished to the end!

The experience began with a meeting at the LINC office and later exploring the urban beauty of downtown Houston including touring  places of worship from a mosque, a Hindu temple, and a Buddhist template. All three were great learning experiences for the team, and they discovered how great is the gift of God’s grace. Throughout the week, the team stayed at Communidad de  Gracia where they worked with Deaconess Perla Rodriguez and her team. Their primary mission was to help Casa de Oracion with cleanup and assist with VBS in the afternoon. They did everything; from mowing, painting, weed eating, tree trimming, organizing classrooms, cleaning up the playground, and even handing out fliers to help bring more children to VBS! 

Every day they heard an amazing testimony from different individuals from the community that helped the team gain a greater perspective on life and what it means to follow Christ. One of the most interesting things the team was able to experience was a multicultural worship service led by Pastor Nelson from Communidad de Gracia and Mesak Petro from the Kunamas. The service really opened their eyes to how people worship God all over the world, and all the different ways that one can praise God! 

The team has been making a difference at a number of local organizations from Communidad de Gracia, Casa de Oracion, and Community Family Center Food Fair. As LINC intends, the Florida youth worked with members of churches...not to do the work for our LINC churches, but to work in partnership with them. Engage...equip...empower! THANK YOU from LINC Houston for hard-work and kindness from the Youth Mission Team for their service at Casa De Oracion Houston, Communidad de Gracia, and Community Family Center Food Fair. Houston has been touched with God's love through these students and adults from St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Oviedo, FL!