LINC Houston responds to natural disasters because people are hurting and in need of help.  Our purpose is to help individuals fully recover to a point where their lives are "normal" again.  Every disaster is different and a different response is required for each one. Our ministries are located in and serving vulnerable communities. With your help, we can meet large-scale needs through our ministry partners. Your donation today will go directly to disaster relief efforts. 100% of your gift will go directly toward allowing us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to neighbors in crisis.

Ways to give:

  • Make checks payable to LINC, memo: Disaster Relief

  • Make checks out to your church, memo: Disaster Relief

  • Donate online

Another tangible way to help is by donating gift cards for Walmart and Home Depot in amounts of $25, $50, and $100. These gift cards will be distributed to families to be used for basic household needs, cleanup supplies, sheetrock, etc, and can be sent or delivered to our LINC Houston office (1504 Johnson St, Houston, TX 77007).

We will continue to update this page with information about how you can be directly involved in our future disaster relief and recovery efforts. Inquiries can be sent to

Previous Disaster Relief Efforts

Hurricane Harvey

On August 25, 2017 Harvey became a category four hurricane that caused catastrophic and unprecedented flood damage in the greater Houston area. LINC Houston provided immediate relief to vulnerable families by distributing emergency food, clothing, basic household supplies, and providing funds to 15 families for recovery and rebuilding. The showing of care and compassion for the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey was tremendous. Our brothers and sisters in Christ have endured this flood, because your prayers and support sustained us. We have responded as the hands and feet of Jesus in Houston.

LINC responds immediately after a natural disaster with volunteers ready to assist affected communities like this one.

LINC responds immediately after a natural disaster with volunteers ready to assist affected communities like this one.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

LINC provided case management services and temporary housing to evacuees of Hurricane Katrina.  While our main role during the disaster was housing of evacuees who had fled their affected areas, we also provided our clients with substantial help in negotiating with FEMA and the public service sector of Houston.  We housed and case managed over 200 clients during a six month period, many of whom lacked the required documentation and were not eligible for FEMA benefits.  We helped individuals track down their information and documentation when available.  Our efforts were showcased on popular Spanish language television and radio programs.

Hurricane Ike

LINC workED to restore homes to pre-disaster conditions after a natural disaster.

LINC workED to restore homes to pre-disaster conditions after a natural disaster.

LINC Houston was a first responder to Hurricane Ike Relief Efforts, setting up three volunteer base camps and performing cleanup, tree removal and tarps for hundreds of homes throughout Houston and Southeast Texas.  We also set up several distribution centers for water, ice, food and other supplies.

We provided case management services to Hurricane Ike victims for the Texas Transitional Case Management Program for shelter residents in Galveston.  Working under LSSSDR, our case management team along with those from Grace Community Services, provided comprehensive transitional case management services to all 240 shelter residents, successfully closing out all cases within the allotted time period given by the State of Texas.  This first of it’s kind project was deemed a great success both for the agencies involved as well as the clients who received excellent case management services during their transition from shelter to better housing.

We have also repaired or rehabilitated almost 400 homes that were damaged by Hurricane Ike through our qualified staff, our thousands of volunteers and sub-contractors.  Our staff and volunteers also helped move personal items from damaged homes as well as put tarps on hundreds of homes to temporarily protect them from the elements.  Working on the Greater Houston Long Term Recovery Committee, we were able to help coordinate the overall response of a multitude of agencies and organizations across the Harris County and beyond.