OUR MISSION - Plant, Nurture and Equip Groups of New Believers


LINC Houston is a non-profit faith-based organization that believes that God loves communities and seeks to restore them through His people.  With the local faith community at the core, we raise up and empower local leaders and seek to develop communities to their full potential.

OUR VISION - A City Restored To God


We believe that community is restored where the physical, the spiritual and the relational health are all strong.  Our vision is that hundreds of communities around the Houston are would be blessed by the presence of the faith communities working there to proclaim the truth of the Gospel and also to work for the peace and prosperity of its neighborhood.  Our vision is for a city restored to a place where peace, justice, equality and self-sufficiency are a reality in every community and ethnic group.  This, we believe, is the tangible benefit of God's grace flowing through the church to the city.


Indigenous Leadership - We are committed to working through the people that already live in our communities.

Ethnic Diversity - We believe that God loves all people regardless of race, color & language.

Holistic Ministry -  We follow Jesus’ model of ministry to the whole person.

Courageous Mission - We take risks in order to reach the lost.

Collaboration - Our default position is partnership with others to achieve greater impact